Established in 2017, Monaco is an artist-owned cooperative that operates as an alternative to the traditional gallery model. Referencing one of the wealthiest states in the world—notorious as a “freeport” for art and other luxury items—the name suggests a sovereign micro-state, emphasizing the autonomy of the project, and hints at ideas of commerciality in the contemporary art world.

Monaco provides opportunities for critical inquiry and commercial potential, and supports it’s members by forging new connections and fostering community. Members include both emerging and mid-career artists, and collaborative entities as well as individuals. Its exhibits range from solo shows to curated group exhibitions. 

Monaco is an independent project directed by its members and was initiated by The Luminary as a part of its mission to support new artist-centric spaces. Founding Members: Amanda Bowles; Bruce Burton; Sage Dawson; Kristin Fleischmann Brewer; José Garza; Meghan Grubb; LAB:D (Lyndon Barrois Jr. + Addoley Dzegede); Allison Lacher; Gregg Louis; Cole Lu; Tim Portlock ; US English