Panel Discussion with Demography is Destiny Organizers and Ness Sandoval Sunday, October 6 from 2-3pm


Please join us for a panel discussion with Demography is Destiny exhibition organizers José Guadalupe Garza and Miriam Ruiz with Saint Louis University Associate Professor of Sociology Ness Sandoval on Sunday, October 6th from 2pm to 3pm. The panel will discuss demographic transitions in the United States.

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José Guadalupe Garza was born along the US/Mexico border. He is a conceptual artist and educator working across various mediums. His practice examines how Latinx histories are continually constructed and reconstructed in American popular culture. Garza borrows from films, music, literary works, and the science fiction genre to create reimagined narratives that include appropriated images, recorded music, reenactments, improvisation, ad hoc libraries, presentations, curated screenings and exhibitions, and ready-made objects.

Miriam Ruiz is an interdisciplinary artist, art educator, and curator. She currently works at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis where she facilitates local school and community engagement with the museum. She is a co-founder and board member for the Latinx Arts Network. Her practice currently centers around chicanx and Latinx existence in the United States. She has a BFA in art education from McKendree University and an MA in Art History, Theory and Criticism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ness Sandoval has a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Ph.D.
degree from the University of California-Berkeley. Before coming to Saint Louis University where is an Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, he was an assistant professor of Sociology at Northwestern University. He is also the Co-Director of the Ph.D. program in Public and Social Policy. He is the founder of the GeoSpatial Research and Innovation lab (GeoSRI) at SLU. His research primarily focuses upon two areas: the intersection of Demographic Techniques and Computational Spatial Science to study spatial inequality in American cities and Latino and Immigrant Demography. Ness currently serves as an applied demographer and consultant to several community organizations in the Saint Louis and Midwest region.

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