'Fuzzy Transposition' curated by Jesse Malmed


June 28 - July 26, 2019


Monaco is pleased to present 'Fuzzy Transposition' curated by Chicago-based artist and curator Jesse Malmed. The exhibition open will with a reception on Friday, June 28, 7:00 – 10:00 pm. 'Fuzzy Transposition' runs through July 26.

Exhibiting artists include, Sarabeth Dunton, By Way of Today (guided by Kyle Schlie + Cameron Gibson), Allen Moore, Leslie Baum, Adam Farcus, Kelly Lloyd, Ruby T, Kelly Kristin Jones, Lauren Sudbrink, Devin Balara, and the Artists’ Karaoke Archive. The opening reception will feature performances by Allen Moore and Lauren Sudbrink.


Stuck inside some somewhere, the character began to tag with breath alone: “lives but pronounced lives”. The other character, somewhere else, felt the funny haptics of the tiniest nib as it moved across a wall forgetting bits of ink in the crags of repaint. We let squiggles into our eyes and make them meanings. Another tag: “for a good time call 200-4/ in 2019 just text”. Another: “411 is an insight job”.

Like, ok. Casual Asking defies transposition: moving something somewhere or trading the places of a couple two tree things or moving music into a different key or a kind of magic trick or a kind of math trick. Here it’s all those and more: paintings are sampled, monuments immaterialized, dreams vexed and deferred, operatic soaps soaked, books made visible by touching, vinyl answered, vexations dreamed and deferred, signs reassigned, traces taken and carpeted, bananas birded, like that, sometimes out loud.

We were imagining (and imaging) the stance of pro-noun. So many of the muchness of art deals with nouns, stuffses, objects. The law on television consumes itself with and subjects us to endless objection. No one is claiming these works are anti-nouns, but an awful lot of them took verbs to get there.

Jesse Malmed put these words in this order and puts the works in another one, another room. Works playing across so many registers by: Sarabeth Dunton, By Way of Today (guided by Kyle Schlie + Cameron Gibson), Allen Moore, Leslie Baum, Adam Farcus, Kelly Lloyd, Ruby T, Kelly Kristin Jones, Lauren Sudbrink, Devin Balara and the Artists’ Karaoke Archive + opening performances by Allen Moore and Lauren Sudbrink. Une exposition corollaire runs concurrently at SAINT LOUIS in Monaco.

Curator Bio

Jesse Malmed is an artist and curator working in video, performance, text, occasional objects and their gaps and laps over and under. Various pre-occupations include: Infinite Gesticulator, Disorganizer, Paranoiac Research Assistant, Choir Conductor, Cosmic Concierge, Junk Shop Salesman, Re-Titler, Poet-Comedian, Traffic Caller, Obstinate-Minded Professor, Bootlegger, Idiot's Idiot, Pro Bono Closed Captioner and Imaginary Television Host. He has performed, screened and exhibited widely at museums, cinemae, galleries, bars and barns, including solo presentations at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Portland Art Museum’s Northwest Film Center, University of Chicago Film Studies Center, Sight Unseen, Microlights and San Francisco Cinematheque. His platformist and curatorial projects include directing the Live to Tape Artist Television Festival, programming at the Nightingale Cinema, instigating Western Pole, co-driving the mobile exhibition space and artist bumper sticker project Trunk Show (with Raven Falquez Munsell), programming through ACRE TV and organizing exhibitions, screenings and performance events both independently and institutionally. Originally from Santa Fe, he earned his BA from Bard College and his MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is an Associate Adjunct Professor at the UIC and teaches in the Chicago Public Schools through CAPE. He is the lead singer of The Fucs (a Fugs cover band) and was profiled recently in Newcity's Film 50.